Play with the Big Boys (Silver Trophy) Edit


Play with the Big Boys

Description: Drive the ball 400 or more yards in the fairway in any Traditional or Online game modes.

Walkthrough: Use a golfer with a power rating of 11 or higher (e.g. Tiger Woods) and find a hole with an elevated tee (Bethpage #16 is a good one as it usually has a backwind). Make sure you have the wind speed set to "Gale Force", and from an elevated tee with a 25-34 mph backwind, your main concern should be getting your power boost up to 115-120% and keeping the ball in the fairway.
Est. Time to obtain: 10-15 minutes

Tip: Make sure to put top spin on the ball to squeeze out a few extra yards. If the ball lands in the fairway and you have hit it more than 400 yards, the trophy will unlock immediately.

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