Big Money (Gold) Edit

Description: Win 5 Million Dollars in Live Tournaments.

Walkthrough: The biggest platinum-preventer on the game. The best strategy is to practice a lot on Tour Pro so you are comfortable shooting on that setting. The Play-The-Pro tournaments are your best chance at big money, as you don't have to worry about any -27 scores being posted. The cash pool is usually a lot lower, but winning a Play-The-Pro can net you around $1 million.

The main strategy is to play in every available tournament, mostly focusing on the weekly tournaments as those cash pools can reach $150,000,000, meaning if you finish in the top 200 you can still earn over $500K. The Daily Tournaments are nice boosts, but unless you finish in the top 15, expect to only earn $75K-100K per tournament.

Unfortunately, there's no work-around to acquire this trophy, so lesser-skilled players will really have to grind out some rounds in order to rack up the full $5mil. It will still take skilled players 2-3 weeks in order to accumulate the amount as well.

Est. Time to Obtain: 20-40 hours for skilled players, 50+ hours for less-skilled players

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